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General rule governing the writing portfolio. 


All ME and MSE students are expected to complete the writing portfolio by the time they complete 60 semester credits and before taking ME 316. 

More detailed instructions can be found on the Writing Portfolio WebPages. https://writingprogram.wsu.edu/for-undergraduates/?csspreview=true


1. All students that started higher education on or after Fall 1991 must complete the Writing Portfolio.

2. Transfer students are allowed to bring original, graded papers from their previously attended institutions. They may bring all three papers with them, if they choose, but papers completed over a period of time are most appropriate.

3. All students must complete and attach a cover sheet to each of their papers. Cover sheets are included in the Writing Portfolio packet, purchasable at the Bookie.

4. TRANSFER STUDENTS ARE NOT REQUIRED TO HAVE INSTRUCTOR SIGNATURES ON THE COVER PAGES IF THEIR WORK COMES FROM A PREVIOUS INSTITUTION. It is best if they have a signature but if they are unable to get the signature due to the faculty member not being available or because of travel, the signature is not required and the paper may still be turned in with the cover page attached.

5.  Students who come to WSU to get a second bachelor's degree do not have to do the Writing Portfolio.

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