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Mechanical engineering students should apply for certification in the semester after they have completed the following five courses:

  1. Math 171
  2. Math 172
  3. Chem 105
  4. Phys 201
  5. CE 211

and have met the minimum criteria listed below. . You need to be certified to take many of the 300 and 400 level mechanical engineering courses.

To apply; read and understand the requirements for certification in Mechanical Engineering (ME) then follow this link to the on-line application form:  On-line Application

Academic Regulations


The undergraduate major is the in-depth field of study leading to the degree and includes a set of core courses that has been approved by the academic unit offering the major, as well as the college, and the Faculty Senate. The major represents approximately one-third of the credit hours required for the undergraduate degree, though some majors require a higher percentage of the total credit hours. While most majors lead to a degree that shares the same name, some majors lead to a degree with a broader title (e.g., an Accounting major leads to the Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration).
Certification requirements: Upon completion of 24 semester hours, and meeting department, program, or school certification requirements, a student may certify in an academic major with the approval of the appropriate academic department, program, or school, and upon notification to the Center for Advising and Career Development. Departments, programs, or schools may require additional criteria beyond the minimum 24 hours for certification and a grade point average higher than the minimum of 2.00. Typically, students with 60 or more semester hours should be certified into a major.
Consult the catalog for specific major and certification requirements.

ME Requirements

  1. The School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering will establish the total number of students to be certified into the Mechanical Engineering program.
  2. Students should apply for certification in the semester after they have completed the following five courses: Math 171, Math 172, Chem 105, Phys 201, and CE 211. Students must have a minimum 2.5 cum g.p.a. and a “C” or better grade for each of the five courses listed above to be considered for certification. Transfer students who meet the aforementioned minimum requirements may apply during their first semester at WSU, but no decision will be made until the end of the semester when the final grades become available. Exception to this residence requirement is described in item 3. Note that the actual cutoff grade point based on the ranking (see item 4) is usually higher than 2.5*.
  3. Transfer students who have completed or are about to complete Math 220, Math 273, Math 315, Chem 106, Phys 202, ME212, CE215, and computer programming before starting at WSU and have at least a 3.2 average gpa for the math, science, and engineering courses completed can be certified at the time of admission.
  4. Students need to complete an on-line application for certification. The application deadline is the Monday after finals week in December and May for the fall and the spring semester respectively.
  5. The applicants will be ranked based on the average gpa of the math, science, and engineering courses completed. For those who are borderline, the semester and cum. gpa will be considered and used as a reference. In addition to gpa, other factors may also be taken into consideration, such as the number of math, science, and engineering courses taken at WSU, etc. The committee has the authority to weigh these factors in their decision for certification.
  6. The certification is only valid for the current resident campus. Should the students decide to change campus after certification, they will need to reapply for certification for the campus to which they will transfer.
  7. Students who are deficient under the University’s Academic Regulations are subject to decertification. The undergraduate studies committee will determine the eligibility and probation conditions for decertified students who will be permitted to apply for recertification.
  8. Any further questions should be addressed to the Student Service Office locate in Sloan 205 or newcoug@mme.wsu.edu

Engineering GPA Calculation Worksheets

Recommendation: Download one of the two files below and use it to calculate your Engineering GPA.

*For the fall 2014 semester the certification GPA was 3.00 to 4.00, this will fluctuate each semester depending on number of applicants.

PDF file with Certification criteria

The Certification criteria are also listed in this PDF file.
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