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At Washington State University students must declare a major to continue into upper-division courses, most MME 300 and 400 level courses require a declared engineering major.

Academic Regulations


The undergraduate major is the in-depth field of study leading to the degree and includes a set of core courses that has been approved by the academic unit offering the major, as well as the college, and the Faculty Senate. The major represents approximately one-third of the credit hours required for the undergraduate degree, though some majors require a higher percentage of the total credit hours. While most majors lead to a degree that shares the same name, some majors lead to a degree with a broader title (e.g., an Accounting major leads to the Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration).
Certification requirements: Upon completion of 24 semester hours, and meeting department, program, or school certification requirements, a student may certify in an academic major with the approval of the appropriate academic department, program, or school, and upon notification to the Center for Advising and Career Development. Departments, programs, or schools may require additional criteria beyond the minimum 24 hours for certification and a grade point average higher than the minimum of 2.00. Typically, students with 60 or more semester hours should be certified into a major.
Consult the catalog for specific major and certification requirements.
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